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During Jason’s long recovery, the Crigler family often remarked that the story would make a good movie--it had heartbreak, humor, triumph, love. Once Jason was back on his feet, the family met with Eric Daniel Metzgar, a documentary filmmaker.


The film Eric made, Life. Support. Music., immediately struck a chord with audiences, drawing cheers and tears. During Q&A sessions at film festivals, audience members spoke of their own harrowing medical experiences, their own frustrations with narrow-minded doctors and stingy insurance companies, their own miraculous recoveries. People were moved and inspired by the story because they could relate to it. Because it is a story of hope. Survivors and their families said, If you can do it, so can we.


Life. Support. Music. traveled to over two dozen international film festivals, garnering rave reviews, as well as a social awareness award and three audience choice awards. It had theatrical runs in New York City; Salem, Massachusetts; and throughout Italy. In 2009, the film aired on PBS’ POV series.